How to choose running shoes for beginners: marathon

Running is one of the most complete sports that exist , which is why we are increasingly putting on running shoes  and go outside to enjoy the outdoors with a good race. 

Precisely the shoes are an indispensable element when it comes to running, since they will be the ones that support our weight and cushion the footprints on the asphalt.

Therefore, before acquiring any model of shoes, the first thing we have to do is know the main characteristics that they must have in order to buy the ones that best suit our needs.

If you are thinking of buying. the shoes for the marathon the advice that we are going to offer you and know everything your sports shoes have to have to avoid injuries and make your career as satisfactory as possible. 

You will see how choosing the most suitable shoes will make you feel that you fly on the asphalt.

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What quality running shoes should have?

To buy a pair of running shoes for men, we must attend to a series of specific characteristics in order to know which footwear will best fit our foot. In this sense we can comment up to five different criteria that we must take into account before buying our best shoes: flexibility, stability, cushioning, weight and drop .

The greatest flexibility

If we need running shoes to practice this sport we have to keep in mind that our footwear should be as flexible as possible.

 It is appropriate that our shoes can be molded up to approximately 30%. For this, we advise you to acquire a shoe with a soft sole, so you will favor your foot to make a natural movement while you are running, avoiding possible injuries or bad movements. In addition, with this type of shoes our effort will be much less.


  • To be able to practice running properly, a fundamental aspect is stability. This is related to the footprint that we have, being for this important reason that you know how to step on your foot. 
  • To give you an idea there can be three types of footprints. The most common is neutral, where virtually all of the sole of the foot hits the ground
  • Find out what kind of footprint you have and get a shoe that fits perfectly with it.


  • Damping is the force with which the foot hits the ground at the moment we run.
  • Typically, it is up to three times greater than our weight, so we must acquire a shoe that supports this weight in the best possible way to avoid future injuries
  • Logically, we will have to buy a shoe or other depending on the weight we have, but to calculate our cushioning what you have to do is multiply this weight by three.


To practice running the most appropriate is to buy light shoes , so that every time we take a step we feel as comfortable as possible. Of course, we must also bear in mind that the lighter the shoes are, the less cushioning they have, so we must seek balance between both types to find the best footwear.

The drop

  • In case you didn’t know, the drop is the distance between the tip of the foot and the heel. 
  • Therefore, to buy running shoes the drop should not be too large. The appropriate thing is that it does not exceed 7 millimeters.

A good grip

  • Wearing the shoes well is essential, but not only to hold the foot
  • Foot grip is also important with respect to the shape of the ground. If you are clear on which surface you are going to run
  • find out what type of sole is the most suitable to carry out your career or training.

Bonus tips for marathon aspirants

If you have already noted all the main features that your running shoes should have , it is now important that you follow some tips that will be very useful before making your purchase.

 As we have already told you, knowing the footprint we have is fundamental, but if you are not sure about it, we recommend that you buy neutral shoes and then visit the podiatrist to make some templates that fit your foot.

In addition, we must also consider that throughout the day the feet can swell up to 2 centimeters more, so if you are thinking of buying a running shoe it is much better that you do it late in the afternoon.

On the other hand, it is advisable that you always leave some separation between your big toe and the toe of the shoe , approximately one toe, since at the time of running our feet dilate and we will feel more comfortable during the race.

As for the weight, you already know that cushioning is very important, although so is lightness. In this case, if you weigh more than 80 kilos give higher priority to the cushioning and buy shoes that have a harder sole.

In any case, this will also depend on the frequency with which you go running. If you are an occasional runner, your shoes must have a weight of around 300 grams , while if you participate in competitions the footwear has to be much lighter, not exceeding approximately 250 grams.

Finally, as for the terrain in which you are going to practice running, depending on the characteristics of this we will need different types of shoes. 

In the case that you run on asphalt we recommend those that have better damping. If you like running on roads, the support of the foot will be paramount and if you do it on steeper terrain, the best shoes will be the ones that have heels to better adapt to the irregularities of the terrain.





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